Administrative Assistant Recruitment


MJD Executive is a specialist Administrative Assistant Recruitment Agency based in Sydney & Melbourne renowned for offering strategic and innovative Office Support Staffing Solutions & Quality Admin Assistants to its multiple clients across a plethora of industry sectors including Legal, Investment Banking, Financial Services, Accounting firms and other small, medium and large organisations throughout Australia. With a focus on providing valuable insight and real market knowledge to candidates and clients alike, our aim is to facilitate a successful match between an employer looking to source quality Administration Assistant staff and a candidate seeking a new dream role.

Office Administration Recruitment Agency

Over the course of time MJD Executive has earned itself an enviable claim as one of Australia’s most reputable Administration Recruitment Agencies. This reputation has been earned through our far-reaching networks, strong trusting relationships, deep knowledge base and the ability to offer bespoke solutions whilst maintaining high levels of service in temporary, contract and permanent recruitment assignments.

Testament to this is our track record to date – over 80% of our clients work with us as their preferred recruitment agency for sourcing top quality candidates as a result of personal recommendations from existing business and career partners.

With over 60 years of experience collectively, our specialist consultants at MJD Executive are not your typical 9 to 5 recruiters looking to fill a job. We are a team of dedicated and committed professionals with strong business acumen, who understand that in today’s global economy, the success of an efficient and high performing business depends on its people. Having the right kind of administrative support staff in place supports your organisations growth and we work diligently to partner with you understanding your company’s specific needs.

MJD Executive is a recruitment agency trusted by many highly regarded and prestigious organisations to fulfil their office support staffing needs across the following types of roles:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Team Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Office Administrator
  • Personal Assistant
  • Project Administrator
  • Receptionist
  • Secretary
  • Team Co-ordinator
  • Legal secretary
  • Events Coordinator
  • Marketing Coordinator

If you are looking to partner with a Recruitment Agency in Sydney and Melbourne that can work closely with your organisation and provide the right candidate for your Office Support Staff requirements then get in touch with MJD Executive and discuss your requirements in detail.

What Makes A Valuable Administrative Assistant?

  • One that stands out from their peers is an Admin Assistant with both technical and customer service (internal & external) skills, being able to switch between varied tasks as required.
  • Adaptability when it comes to performing tasks that are not in their everyday responsibilities. Someone that will happily help out junior support staff or take a step up in to a senior’s role is like gold!
  • Reliability is another quality that is highly valued at this level. Knowing that there is a highly motivated, dependable and committed individual willing to go above and beyond without being micromanaged is well regarded.
  • A strong team player who positively contributes to the culture will be earmarked for future growth opportunities.
  • Exceptional organisational skills and good time management allow for deadlines to be met and responsibilities to be greater – a bonus for employee and employer.

For Admin Assistant Candidates

  • We have long standing relationships with ‘employer of choice’ style organisations and can share an intimate knowledge of why they might be the right fit for you.
  • Our Administration Assistant network hears about job opportunities before they get to advertising stage, keeping you ahead of the competition.
  • We are known for our confidential and proactive introductions on behalf of our candidates, we don’t wait around for a role to be called in – we actively find one for you.
  • We are well connected with elite Personal Assistant & Executive Assistant networks who rely upon us to find them up and coming support staff they can mentor in to more senior roles.
  • It is a privilege to work with you on something as important as your career, we take this task seriously, but try to ensure that there is an element of enjoyment in the process for you too.

For Clients Looking for Admin Office Support

  • We don’t use the term specialists lightly, our team has over 70 years’ experience recruiting in the office support space.
  • Our network of Administrative Assistants is enviable, we treat our candidates with as much respect and support as our clients and receive exceptional feedback and invaluable referrals.
  • We support large internal HR teams with their recruitment practice, we also act as the external business partner for smaller firms running their entire recruitment function – flexibility to suit your needs is possible with a truly consultative approach.
  • Our reputation is our everything! Each and every assignment that we work on is a reflection of our ethics and commitment to service excellence.
  • We recruit across a variety of industries, with a particular area of speciality in professional services, consulting, legal, commercial property, investment banking and entrepreneurial. Candidates from these industries have exceptional training and high standards, they tend to stand out as superior performers.