MJD’s Professional Recruitment Advice

With over 60 years’ experience within the office support recruitment sector, our Consultants are well placed to provide you with advice on a number of matters relating to your recruitment process. Yes we work on recruitment assignments and fill vacancies, but our far-reaching networks and strong relationships are built upon supporting our clients with so much more. Some of the things that we may be able to assist with include:

  • Coaching line managers in the recruitment & selection process
  • Advice on salary expectations and trends
  • Information relative to market activity
  • Elevating your internal recruitment procedures
  • Developing interview guides or job descriptions for your vacancies
  • Referrals to other trusted HR professionals for matters outside of our expertise
  • Deciding between internal candidates for a role
  • Providing unbundled support such as writing a job ad, conducting reference checks or handling selected recruitment tasks on your behalf

Whatever the question, we are always happy to listen, providing support and advice whenever we can. Call MJD Executive.