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How to Write the Perfect Resume

Thinking of applying for a job you’ve been yearning for; you’ll need to have a good resume! This document is the first thing your potential employer gets to see about you, their first judgement.

How could finding a mentor help my career growth?

At MJD Executive, a recruitment agency in Sydney, we are strong advocates for having a mentor! Many of us have more than one ourselves and like to think that we act as mentors in one way or another to many of our clients and candidates.

Do people really read your cover letter?

Being a recruitment agency, we are surprised at the amount of times we are asked this question. It is clearly something that is on the minds of applicants, so we thought that we would explore why it’s so important to you – and the all important question of whether or not they are read!

Which interview questions should I master?

Attending an interview is not everybody’s favourite thing to do. But let’s face it, it is something that most of us have had a fair amount of experience doing by a certain stage of our career.

When is it time to leave your job?

Sometimes it’s really clear in your mind – and sometimes there’s an element of doubt. We start a new job with such excitement that our goals and motivators are aligned with what the company can offer, but when bogged down in the day to day of it all do we always recognise when that changes?