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Whether you are in the job market in Sydney or Melbourne as a candidate, looking to secure the right opportunity to complement and grow your experience and ambition as an Executive Assistant (EA), or you are an employer looking for a Recruitment Agency that can find you an Executive Assistant who will perfectly fit your job vacancy. Finding the right recruitment consultancy to partner with is the first step in the right direction.

MJD Executive is a boutique recruitment agency based in Sydney and Melbourne specialising in effective and efficient recruitment of Office Support Jobs throughout Australia and Overseas, we understand just how important Executive Assistants/EA’s really are to the core of a business.

Whilst the role of an EA/ Executive Assistant may sound deceptively easy to fill from a recruitment perspective, it is anything but; they essentially are the back bone for any business to run smoothly and efficiently. MJD Executive add value through recruiting with high EQ as well as IQ, which means we get the “fit” right every time!

For Clients Seeking The Perfect Executive Assistant

Being a Recruitment Agency specialising in Office Support staff including Executive Assistants we understand the value of a good, experienced, dedicated and passionate EA, we are renowned for offering invaluable insight and real market knowledge to our clients. MJD Executive add value through recruiting with high EQ as well as IQ, which means we get the “fit” right every time!

Quality, relationships and the value of time are at the very core of who we are and what we do. It defines us every day! Through our deep industry knowledge and strong network we get the ‘fit’, every time; the right Executive Assistant to fit perfectly in the right team and the right business!

Testament to this is our track record to date – over 80% of our clients work with us as their preferred Recruitment Agency as a result of personal recommendations from existing business and career partners.

MJD Executive is the only recruitment consultancy trusted by many of the highly regarded and prestigious organisations we work with to fulfil their office support staffing needs including EA’s.

For Candidates Seeking The Ideal Executive Assistant Job

Our networks are far reaching, relationships strong, knowledge base deep and our capability to find the ideal EA role for a jobseeker is unrivalled. We are not just the trusted advisors to our clients, with over five decades of experience collectively in successfully recruiting EA in Australia and overseas, our recruitment consultants partner with you closely like career coaches and guide you every step of the way so as to ensure you can land your career defining dream role as an EA as quickly as possible. We provide friendly career advice, in-depth Interview preparation tips and effective resume writing tricks, just as part of our excellence in service delivery mantra. In fact, over 60% of placed candidates work with us as a result of personal recommendations.

We encourage you to put your best foot forward and ensure you showcase your EA skills and experience in the best possible way to a prospective employer. Our recruitment consultants are committed to see you succeed.

So talk to a recruitment agency based in Sydney and Melbourne with international reach that comes with; experience, passion, energy and empathy. It makes all the difference!

What Makes An Elite Executive Assistant?

  • Experience working at the C-Suite level, with an understanding of what it takes to truly add value to your Executive.
  • Resourcefulness, the ability to build networks and have sources that you can call on to ensure that you achieve efficient and effective results, even when they are last minute.
  • High level liaison skills, the confidence to build strong working relationships with internal and external key stakeholders on behalf of your Executive.
  • Strong business acumen, with the ability to proactively understand where you and your Executive’s priorities lie you are able to keep both of you ahead of the game.
  • A commitment to your own personal development allows you to keep up with the changing demands of the role, ensuring that you remain indispensable.

For Executive Assistants Looking For A New Opportunity

  • We have long standing relationships with ‘employer of choice’ style organisations and can share an intimate knowledge of why they might be the right fit for you.
  • Our EA networks hear about job opportunities before they get to advertising stage, keeping you ahead of the competition.
  • We are known for our confidential and proactive introductions on behalf of our candidates, we don’t wait around for a role to be called in – we actively find one for you.
  • We hold a number of exclusive events for our EA network from the informative to the fun, it strengthens our understanding of who you are and helps you grown and build your own useful networks.
  • It is a privilege to work with you on something as important as your career, we take this task seriously, but try to ensure that there is an element of enjoyment in the process for you too.

For Clients Looking For A New Executive Assistant

  • We don’t use the term specialists lightly, our team has over 70 years’ experience recruiting in the office support space.
  • Our network of Executive Assistants is enviable, we treat our candidates with as much respect and support as our clients and receive exceptional feedback and invaluable referrals.
  • We support large internal HR teams with their recruitment practice, we also act as the external business partner for smaller firms running their entire recruitment function – flexibility to suit your needs is possible with a truly consultative approach.
  • Our reputation is our everything! Each and every assignment that we work on is a reflection of our ethics and commitment to service excellence.
  • We recruit across a variety of industries, with a particular area of speciality in professional services, consulting, legal, commercial property, investment banking and entrepreneurial.