How the US Election Results Will Affect Personal Assistant, Secretary Jobs and Recruitment Agencies in Australia

Surveys in Australia revealed that a huge portion of the population was backing Hillary Clinton to clinch the US presidential seat. But the opposite happened, and now Trump will rule over the United States, a nation whose affairs concerns many, including a large portion of foreigners. The bonds that Australia has built with the Americans for a long time are the reason you have to assess the impact that the Trump election will have on your job. You don’t have to be in New York or Oklahoma to be worried; even if you are based at Uluru or Cairns, you might still feel the Trump election effect. Our focus will be on the effect that will face the personal assistant and secretary jobs following the election of Trump as the 45th American president.
Donald Trump was never soft when speaking about America’s foreign policy. He was quick to criticise Obama’s operations with other countries such as North Korea which is trying to push through an attempt to make nuclear weapons. Trump says he will not protect Japan and South Korea from their hostile neighbours like it has been happening. This can be very worrying to Australia because it would mean that the country might also be affected by insecurity and hostility in the neighbouring Asia when the US withdraws its troops. Another point is the rise the ISIS. The Islamic state puts Australia third among its targets and from the words of Trump, every country has to be on its own. So when the Islamic state decides to strike, there will be little to expect in terms of support from the United States. All these events are spelling insecurity for Australia, and maybe this might make some investors and employers shy away. So maybe some of the personal assistant and secretary jobs might end with the departure of foreign investors.
Trump is on record saying that he would impose heavy tariffs on imports from China. The president-elect is igniting a trade warfare with China because the Asian economic giants are making huge strides towards cementing a position on the top of the chart. If this happens, Australian investors will be hit hard because of the nature of the market in this country which is exposed to external forces. This will be another reason why businesses might fall, and foreigners are likely to return to their country of origin. Personal assistants and secretaries of these affected employers will be left jobless if the worst occurs.
The labour force recently released figures that could have been enough to put a smile on the faces of Australians. The unemployment rates had gone down. For the first time since 2013, Australia has seen a very dismal fall in the number of jobs lost, and there have been 10,500 jobs acquired. This shines a ray of hope to all the people; employed and unemployed. But now with the events in America, a re-evaluation might be necessary because the election of Donald Trump as president could overturn things. What we can do is hope that the impact we’ll feel will be a positive one.
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