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One of the many advantages of being a boutique recruitment consultancy specialising in Personal Assistant roles based in Sydney and Melbourne, is our ability to effectively combine deep specialist knowledge with ‘personal touch’ and adaptability. We successfully assist in placing dedicated and passionate candidates with our reputable clients across multiple industry sectors including Investment Banking, Accounting, Legal and Financial Services.

MJD Executive is renowned for offering invaluable insight and real market knowledge to candidates who entrust us with their careers and with clients relying on us to source outstanding talent in the Personal Assistant market. We partner closely with companies and individuals to achieve positive outcomes.

To say that a quality Personal Assistant can make an enormous difference to an Executive, their team and the overall culture and function of a business is definitely an understatement. We enjoy partnering with hiring managers and HR departments that agree with this statement. MJD Executive recruit with skill set in mind, but we also believe that you should strike a fine balance between EQ and IQ in your quest for the perfect Personal Assistant – and this is where we stand out! With over 60 years of experience amongst our team specialising in office support placements, we know how to assess the competency and the right personality.

Executive Personal Assistant


As an employer, if you are looking to fill a permanent, temp or contract position we are confident that you will be impressed with our premium service, extensive networks, experienced consultation and bespoke solutions. We take genuine pride and gratitude in being trusted to identify, on your behalf, the right qualities and skills in each of our candidates to help transform your business and add real long term value.

With such strong experts amongst our team, you will not experience a typical 9 to 5 recruitment solution with MJD Executive when we are filling your Personal Assistant vacancies across Australia or overseas. We are a team of dedicated and committed professionals with strong business acumen, we understand that in today’s global economy, the success of an efficient and high performing business depends on its people and having the right team in place supporting your growth.

We leverage off our extensive and deep professional relationships, networks, and industry associations to find the most qualified and skilled Personal Assistants with a high EQ as well as IQ to perfectly ‘fit’ your business needs.

For Candidates Seeking The Ideal Personal Assistant Job

In Sydney And Melbourne

As a candidate seeking a new Personal Assistant role, we can understand how excited yet nervous you may feel about seeking a new opportunity. We take the trust that you place in us seriously and work diligently to source opportunities with the all of the right motivators that fit your needs. We are proudly renowned for demonstrating genuine care for you as an individual, providing open and friendly career advice, in-depth interview preparation support and effective resume writing assistance. We encourage you to put your best foot forward and ensure you showcase your skills and experience in the best possible way to a prospective employer.

MJD Executive is a recruitment consultancy trusted by many of highly regarded and prestigious organisations to fulfil their office support staffing needs. If you are an experienced and dedicated Personal Assistant, keen to progress your career in the right direction with the right organisation, then talk to the right recruitment consultancy; one that is committed to see you succeed.

What Makes A Standout Personal Assistant?

  • Being able to multi-task, handle multiple duties at once and switch between priorities without much direction.
  • Having enthusiasm for the everyday and the more challenging responsibilities, the role requires you to perform at your peak with all tasks assigned.
  • Being the ultimate professional in your appearance, your communication and in all your dealings with internal & external stakeholders – someone that people admire in the business.
  • OUTSTANDING organisational skills are key, you need to be a ‘go to’ person that stakeholders feel comfortable coming to with additional tasks. You need to be organised and efficient to be able to say yes!
  • Maintaining strong standards in terms of your skillset – especially with technological advances.

For Personal Assistants Looking For A New Opportunity

  • We have long standing relationships with ‘employer of choice’ style organisations and can share an intimate knowledge of why they might be the right fit for you.
  • Our PA networks hear about job opportunities before they get to advertising stage, keeping you ahead of the competition.
  • We are known for our confidential and proactive introductions on behalf of our candidates, we don’t wait around for a role to be called in – we actively find one for you.
  • We hold a number of exclusive events for our networks from the informative to the fun, it strengthens our understanding of who you are and helps you grown and build your own useful networks.
  • It is a privilege to work with you on something as important as your career, we take this task seriously, but try to ensure that there is an element of enjoyment in the process for you too.

For Clients Looking For A New Personal Assistant

  • We don’t use the term specialists lightly, our team has over 70 years’ experience recruiting in the office support space.
  • Our network of Personal Assistants is enviable, we treat our candidates with as much respect and support as our clients and receive exceptional feedback and invaluable referrals.
  • We support large internal HR teams with their recruitment practice, we also act as the external business partner for smaller firms running their entire recruitment function – flexibility to suit your needs is possible with a truly consultative approach.
  • Our reputation is our everything! Each and every assignment that we work on is a reflection of our ethics and commitment to service excellence.
  • We recruit across a variety of industries, with a particular area of speciality in professional services, consulting, legal, commercial property, investment banking and entrepreneurial.