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For clients requiring standout Practice Management talent and for Practice Managers wanting to work at highly regarded businesses

Practice Manager Recruitment

Are you a candidate actively or passively in the job market, looking to secure or be informed about new opportunities that would complement your experience as a corporate Practice Manager? Are you an employer looking for a recruitment agency that will represent you proficiently in sourcing a high quality corporate Practice Manager?

MJD Recruitment is a specialist recruitment agency with dedicated offices in Sydney and Melbourne who effectively recruit for and assist job seeking Practice Managers across Australia. With 45 years of combined experience recruiting Practice Managers, we understand just how imperative it is to engage a high performing individual in this role, someone who is like minded with your management team.

The MJD team are regarded as recruitment experts across the professional services sector and have an in-depth understanding of the Practice Manager role, liaising on a daily basis with clients and candidates performing this function, within a wide variety & style of firms.
Many of our highly experienced Consultants continue to choose a specialisation in office support recruitment because they understand just how business critical these roles are. The right support staff provide a level of comfort to their teams that allows focus on more strategic matters.

What We Know About Practice Manager Recruitment

Are they financially astute, methodical, compliant, highly adaptable and do they excel with people, communication and leadership? Multiple proficiencies are required and need to be assessed.

For Clients

Seeking The Perfect Practice Manager

We dedicate time and resources ensuring that we are across the ‘best of the best’ Paralegals in the marketplace. Many of the roles that we recruit for are filled with candidates that come via referrals, our networks across the legal industry at so many different levels keep us informed about stand out talent.

Regarded as trusted & knowledgeable advisors, we go beyond recruitment support for our network of candidates. The candidate experience starts with the recruitment agency and receiving career advice from specialists with over 45 years of experience in legal support, builds immediate trust and respect for your brand.

We are incredibly proud to be working with some of Australia’s top tier firms and respected organisations who regard our invaluable insight and real market knowledge when hiring Paralegals. 80% of the clients that we work with are a result of personal recommendations from existing business and career partners. With an adaptable, consultative approach we work alongside internal HR teams and run the entire recruitment process for others.

For Candidates

Seeking The Ideal Practice Manager Role

Working alongside accomplished Practice Managers and supporting their career goals is a genuine privilege and one that we take seriously – but we also endeavour to ensure that there is an element of enjoyment in the process too! So many of the Practice Managers that we have supported over the years have become long term friends, candidates and even clients of the MJD team.

We have long standing relationships with employer of choice style organisations and 45 years of collective knowledge about the Practice Manager market – which means we can share with you an intimate knowledge as to why certain organisations or roles might be the right fit for you. We are known for our confidential and proactive introductions on behalf of our candidates, we don’t wait around for a role to be called in, we professionally source suitable opportunities with existing & new prospects.

Our Practice Manager network is first to hear about new opportunities before they go to advertising stage, keeping our valued candidates ahead of competition. With Consultants that are highly experienced and knowledgeable, possessing great business acumen and understanding of company structures, we can confidently listen, suggest and advise around career paths and assist with career goals.

What We Understand About Practice Managers

Many Practice Managers are looking for a ‘fit’ within a firm that has like-minded leaders, who will allow them to be innovative and responsible with operations.

Everything You Need To Know About Office Manager And Practice Manager Recruitment

Whether you run a small medical practice or a large corporate office, you need someone on staff you can trust to handle the intricacies of the workplace. Unfortunately, brilliant managers are hard to come by, so many organisations turn to the team at MJD Recruitment to help with their office manager and practice manager recruitment. So we’ve pulled together a few things we think our clients need to know to help them make the best hiring decisions possible.

The Importance Of An Excellent Practice Manager

You won’t notice the work of a great practice or office manager because when their job is done correctly, everything runs smoothly.
Responsible for staff. An office manager is often responsible for hiring new employees, resolving conflict, and may have to take control of some aspects of finance such as timesheeting.
They keep the workplace safe and compliant. Office managers typically ensure that a workplace is compliant with government guidelines for that industry, conducting regular internal audits to ensure the business is operating smoothly. They also often write or have a large say in developing workplace policies, so it’s essential that you hire someone capable and experienced.
Maintaining office equipment. A practice or office manager will ensure everything is in working order, from computers and printers to any specialist equipment. Anything that needs repairs or maintenance will be logged and cared for by the office manager.
Keeping records. From staff records to client files, both physical and digital documents need to be carefully organised. Typically, the office manager will develop a filing system that works for the whole office.

Questions To Ask Any Practice Manager Candidate

If you have a few great candidates for the role and you’re looking for ways to narrow down the choice in the interview, we have a few great questions that can help you spot the right person for the job.
It’s no secret that the role of a practice manager takes some serious multitasking and juggling. So the right candidate will not only need to be organised, but they’ll also need to have a plan or strategy for when things get particularly chaotic.
You need to make sure your office manager is a great culture fit, so understanding their approach to leadership is so important. Make sure the candidate’s management style is flexible and adaptive so you can be sure they can work with people from all walks of life.
This isn’t a question people often think to ask, but the answer can tell you a lot about your candidate. You want to make sure this potential employee has dealt with similar situations in the past. There’s no use hiring someone who’s going to make a mountain out of a molehill, and it’s definitely going to be a detriment to hire someone who won’t take a genuine crisis seriously.
It could be as simple as changes to workplace culture or as complicated as a new client privacy policy; ideally, you’d like your office manager to have experience creating and implementing procedures within the workplace. Find out where their strengths lie and see if they align with your organisation.

If You Need Assistance With Practice Manager Recruitment, MJD Recruitment Can Help

At MJD Recruitment, we have over 50 years of experience in executive recruitment. We take great pride in our role as a genuine partner to prestigious organisations throughout Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, providing them with the highest quality referrals and recruits for their vacant positions. Likewise, we make sure our candidates feel valued and supported in their journey to find the position that allows them to flourish. So whether you’re looking for help with practice manager recruitment or you have the qualifications and experience to take on a practice manager position, MJD Recruitment can help you make the right connections. Contact us today. Contact us today.

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