Temp & Contract Staff  Recruitment

For clients wanting temporary or contract staff that can make a difference and for temp staff or contractors who want roles that fit individual needs

Temp and Contract Recruitment

Office Support Recruitment Agency

Are you a candidate actively or passively in the job market, looking to secure or be informed about new opportunities that would complement your experience as a Temp or Contractor? Are you an employer looking for a recruitment agency that will represent you proficiently in sourcing high value temp or contract staff?

MJD Executive is a specialist recruitment agency with dedicated offices in Sydney and Melbourne who effectively recruit for and assist job seeking temporary and contract staff across Australia. With 45 years of combined experience recruiting temp and contract staff we understand just how valuable it can be to get the right temporary or contract staff in place.

Temp or contract assignments can be short, mid or long term but they all have one thing in common. When care and attention is given to the recruitment process, just as it would be for a permanent role, value can be instantaneous. 

For Clients

Seeking The Perfect Temporary or Contract staff

We dedicate time and resources ensuring that we are across the ‘best of the best’ office support staff in the corporate marketplace.  Many of the roles that we recruit for are filled with candidates that come via or referrals, networks across office support roles at so many different levels keep us informed about stand out talent.

Regarded as trusted & knowledgeable advisors, we go beyond recruitment support for our network of Receptionist candidates. The candidate experience starts with the recruitment agency and receiving career advice from specialists with over 45 years of experience in office support, builds immediate trust and respect for your brand.  

We are incredibly proud to be working with some of Australia’s top tier firms and respected organisations who regard our invaluable insight and real market knowledge when hiring Receptionists. 80% of the clients that we work with are a result of personal recommendations from existing business and career partners. With an adaptable, consultative approach we work alongside internal HR teams and run the entire recruitment process for others.

What We Know About

temporary or contract roles


Internal and external customer experiences can be heavily influenced by who is managing your front of office operation. Finding the right brand ambassador that ‘fits’ your business is vital!

“The MJD Executive team provide me with recruitment assistance for office support roles and I have been delighted with their service. As we are a consulting business ourselves, our expectations with service levels are quite high and they meet these expectations every time. They help to streamline the process and ensure that the right ‘fit’ is assessed in relation to our culture. I highly recommend them as a consulting agency for office support recruitment.”


For Candidates

Seeking The Ideal Temporary or Contract role

Working alongside temporary or contract staff, supporting them with  their short or long term employment needs, is a genuine privilege and one that we take seriously – but we also endeavour to ensure that there is an element of enjoyment in the process too!  So many of the temp or contract staff that we have supported over the years have become long term friends, candidates and even clients of the MJD team.

We have long standing relationships with employer of choice style organisations and 45 years of collective knowledge about the office support market – which means we can share with you an intimate knowledge as to why certain organisations or roles might be the right fit for you. We are known for our confidential and proactive introductions on behalf of our temporary and contract staff, we don’t wait around for a role to be called in, we professionally source suitable opportunities with existing & new prospects.

Our temp and contract staff are first to hear about new opportunities before they go to advertising stage, keeping our valued candidates ahead of competition.

With so many networks at different levels across the office support market, we are able to assist temporary and contract staff not only with career advice and support, but help build their own networks and even find permanent roles if that is their motivation.

What We Understand

About temporary or contract staff


Temp or contract roles may be short term, but ideally they still need to help build or utilise skills that high value candidates have to offer. Quality temp or contract employees want to make a difference.


Over 45 years’ of specialist experience amongst our team.


We support internal HR teams & manage full process recruitment


Our network of Executive Assistants is highly regarded and enviable


We recruit across multiple corporate industry sectors