Why Join our Network

How will you benefit from becoming a part of our network?

  • We have long standing relationships with ‘employer of choice’ style organisations who often work with us exclusively. We are trusted by many highly regarded, prestigious organisations to source high calibre Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, Legal Secretaries, Administration Assistants, Office Managers and other professional office support roles.
  • You will be alerted to outstanding job opportunities that don’t even get to advertising stage – our networks get first pick of the best jobs!
  • Be confidentially and proactively marketed to new and existing networks with our innovative introductory methods!
  • We take pride in representing you. Our candidates know their value to our business, we ensure that the privilege of working with you on something as important as your career is evident in our daily interactions, as well as our long term commitment to the relationship.
  • Candidates benefit from well over 50 years of experience amongst our team of Consultants, who are so well networked and knowledgeable, the advice and approach being taken on behalf of every individual is personal, professional and comprehensive.
  • Far beyond the search for an ideal job opportunity we also find the right ‘fit’, which comes from truly understanding the sector you are working within and your preferences as an individual.
  • Events! From the informative to the fun, over the calendar year we invite our candidates to a number of different events which help strengthen our relationship and broaden your networks.
  • Finding a new job can be stressful, challenging and time consuming. One of the main goals of the MJD Executive team is to try and make your experience as enjoyable as possible. We take your career seriously, but we also like to think that we can make you smile!