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Why partner with a recruitment agency when hiring a Receptionist?

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First impressions count, this will always be a true statement! It takes months to find a customer and only seconds to lose one – also very true! Make every interaction count, even the small ones, they are all relevant – We absolutely agree! Which is why hiring the right Receptionist can make a huge difference to your organisation’s success.

With a team of Consultants that have collectively worked as specialists in office support recruitment for over 40 years, we can’t even begin to guess how many Reception roles we have successfully filled over the years. And make no mistake, this is no mean feat as they can be some of the hardest roles to fill!

But when it comes to recruitment, many organisations still believe that they can manage the supposedly ‘easier to fill’ office support roles like Reception without the assistance of a consultancy. If this is you then we encourage you to consider the following:

  1. One of the more sought after yet challenging things to find in a Receptionist is longevity. Generally the most successful way to go about sourcing a Receptionist with longevity is to ‘search’ or approach passive candidates currently employed. This project takes time, resources, skill and often relies on a network and pool of candidates which has been carefully crafted over a period of time.
  • Receptionists are great communicators and often present very well at interview. But if not assessed properly for your particular role, gaps in their ‘fit’ for your organisation will appear early on. The recruitment and onboarding piece will have been a waste of time and morale can be an affect amongst your team if you start to experience high turnover in a position.
  • Reception is one of the administration support roles that often requires the assistance of a temporary staff member. Consultants that are experienced Receptionist recruiters see so many of these candidates on a daily basis, assessing them for both permanent and temporary positions. Your perfect fit could be someone that has come in to an agency for a completely different role and would often fall through the cracks with a traditional search
  • Have you reviewed your job description lately? Its all good and well to source a top quality Receptionist for your vacancy, but will you be able to keep them happy and motivated in the role that your organisation has to offer? If not, can you adjust your role to make it more attractive without affecting your business too much? An experienced Reception recruitment service can assist with this assessment of your current position description.
  • Have you thought about your brand? What type of personality best promotes that brand and what level of importance do you place on this over skill, experience and capability from the individual? If you find yourself in the position of having 2 candidates to choose between – one with the right vibe and one with right experience which way would you go? Do you have the capacity to train and build upon the skillset or is this impossible for your firm right now? Soft skills like emotional intelligence can be amongst the hardest to assess and get right within your business and that’s where a consultant can really impact your recruitment process.

Above are just a few of the main reasons you should consider the support of a recruitment agency next time you are looking for a front of house professional. Even if you have decided to give the process a go yourself, there is no harm in covering all bases and seeing how a specialist agency like MJD Executive can add value to the process with their exclusive networks and exceptional know how.

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